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A Hand to Hold (Midousuji x Male!Reader)
Holding hands was something that Midousuji Akira did not do, if I told you he loves to touch his partner, I'd be lying. But what would you expect from the introvert who thinks everyone is gross? But even still, he was open to try new things, especially if he gets to experience them with (Y/n). He would always move his hand away from the smaller male if they accidentally (or not accidentally) touched hands. It wasn't because he thought the (blonde, brunette, ect.) was gross, it was because he was a bit scared. He feared that his lover would somehow think that he was disgusting. Even though he knew that (Y/n) did not think that way, since he has told him thousands of times before. But what if (Y/n) thought that holding his hand was the ice breaker to a stronger relationship?
He knew it was stupid, to be scared of losing someone because he was anxious about his features, but he couldn’t help but think that way.  Mido was bullied for as long as he could remembe
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 25 4
Too Cute (Luffy x Male!Reader)
The (young/adult) male crossed his arms over his chest as he stared out the (Ship name)'s window, trying his best to tolerate another celebration on his ship. He sighed heavily as he applied pressure onto the bridge of his nose with his fingers, cursing silently about his headache. "I need some alone time..." He muttered under his breathe before he stood up from the chair and exited his room, slamming the door shut as loud as he could to get his men's attention. "Uh... Captain?" A frail voice called out to (Y/n), causing him to look down at the youngest crew member. "I spotted a ship up ahead, while you were away... Sir..." The boy commented quietly. The (Devil Fruit) eater nodded once before he removed his eyes from the small male and peered over the crowd of his men, glaring at the ship ahead of them.
"Eh, who's ship is that?" The rubber man asked as one of his crew members gathered around him to look. "They have no symbol on the sail... Should we steer by them?" Nami asked as she ob
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 63 3
Heart-To-Heart (Mettaton EX x Male!Reader)
(Y/n) tightened his arms around metal-man's body, sitting on the sofa in the living room of the home he shared with his boyfriend of about one year, Mettaton. He was in the robot's lap, the metal arms wrapped around his (human/monster)'s waist and his face buried in the nape of his neck, placing small kisses on the sensitive flesh. He was currently trying to get the (blonde, brunette, ect.) "in the mood". Ever since their first year anniversary, his attempts at bedding his partner rose tremendously. He wouldn't push the boy to the point of discomfort, but he still made it apparent as to what he wanted from him.
The (nationality) boy admired the fact that he still respected his boundaries, but it still unnerved him a bit. He loved him and would do anything for the faithful robot, but he felt such activities should be put aside until after marriage. (Y/n) was also extremely grateful that he didn't express his desires in forms of speaking, that would only make his seductive advances awkwa
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 129 24
Love Me (Souda x Yandere!Male!Reader) Day 2
(Y/n) swung his legs childishly off the fountain's edge, paying more attention to the falling petals rather than the students as they rushed in. The (blonde, brunette, ect.) turned his head off to the side with a dreamy smile as his crush came into his view. "Hi Souda!" The younger of the two yelled out, practically making the pinkette(never gets old) jump out of his shoes. "O-Oh, hey (Y/n)." He replied as he sat down next to the (nationality) male, making him mentally freak out. "This is a pretty weird question, but- do you know who keeps giving me gifts every morning?" The shark's best friend shook his head teasingly, "Nope~" He lied with a smile as he scooted closer to his friend.
"Maybe it's Miss Sonia!" The shark gasped dreamily as he swayed on the fountain, oblivious to the glaring lower class man. "Sure..." (Y/n) hissed through his teeth as he balled his fists up, turning his knuckles white. "Anyway, we should get to class now." Souda replied, snapping the (h/c)-haired male out
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 38 16
Love Me (Souda x Yandere!Male!Reader) Day 1
Day 1
(Based off of Yandere Simulator<333333 and sorru if its purrly written ;w; )
(Warning: There will be violence)
(Y/n) opened his dull (e/c) eyes with a groan as he slowly pulled himself up, staring out the sunny window with a glare. He sighed loudly and rolled off his bed, quickly putting on his uniform and grabbing his stuff. 'Maybe if I arrive early, I can leave a gift for Sou~' The (blonde, brunette, ect.) giggled in his head as he sprinted out the door and made his way to school, dreaming about his 'senpai' throughout the whole time.
(Y/n) paused at the gates of the school, staring at them blankly before he pushed them open, tapping his shoes on the ground softly as he stepped in and began walking to the school entrance. 'Souda should be coming soon!' The (blonde, brunette, ect.) thought excitedly as he rushed into the school and ran towards his 'senpai's' locker. He giggled childishly as he opened his crush's locker with ease.
The male shoved another box full of chocolates
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 56 23
Mating Season (Shirogane x Male!Reader) Lemon
(Last lemon request... unless mew pay me ヾ(=°-°= )ノ )
"Shiro!" (Y/n) called out as he slipped inside the owl's home, unannounced again. "Ah- H-He's not h-here at the m-moment." Yukisada stuttered nervously in front of the predator. "Oh? Then where is he?" The feline asked as he shut the door behind him and walked over to the shaking bird. "O-O-O-Out h-hunting..." He said right before he ran into the kitchen, locking himself in. "Tch, alright..." He clicked his sharp teeth before walking out from Shirogane's house, shutting the door behind him rather hard. The cat stomped away from the building with frustration, 'Where the heck is my mate...' He asked himself with anger.
He sighed, running a hand through his (h/c) hair as he searched all over for the mutt, eventually finding him outside of the cat's cave. "What are you doing, sweetie?" The cat said as he raised an eyebrow and continued walking over to his mate, breaking his focus on the running rabbit. "O-O-Oh, H
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 78 13
Prove It (Legolas x Male!Reader)
"Dangit Pippin!" The ring-destroyer yelled as he slid down the hill with his friend, running as fast as they could from the knight. "I'm sorry Mister Frodo!" The hobbit yelled as they hit the ground with a 'thump', screaming as they ran into town. "Get back here you miniature thieves!" The (blonde, brunette, ect) yelled at the two, weaving his way through the hundreds of people. The human took out his sword as soon as he got some space, sprinting faster to catch the two screaming hobbits. Frodo looked back at the advancing (nationality) male and took some fruit into his little hands, throwing it at the man's face, buying them some time to turn and run into a tavern.
"Help, Mister Legolas!" The two hobbits pleaded as they tackled the elf's legs and hid behind them, just in time before the knight walked in, still wiping the fruit off his face. The (blonde, brunette, ect.) raised an eyebrow at the blushing elf and smirking as he walked over to him, forgetting about the two thieves for the
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 110 5
Flower Crown (Komaeda x Male!Reader)
The (blonde, brunette, ect.) smirked sadistically from the top of the grassy hill, staring down at his asleep prey. He giggled and backed up, running forward and diving off the hill. (Y/n) laughed like a child as he rolled down the hill, getting closer to his sleepy friend just as he woke up. "What's that no-" He screamed as a body knocked into his, sending them both in a tumble. The blonde(?) lifted his face off the ground, spitting out some grass as he looked off to the side at his giggling boyfriend. "Why, (Y/n)?" Komaeda questioned as he lifted himself off the ground and crawled over to his lover, flicking his nose to make him calm down.
"Dunno~ You just looked very peaceful and I wanted to cuddle." The green-eyed boy smacked his forehead before he sat on his knees and patted the top of his friend's head as he sat up and made his way over to the hope-addict. The (blonde, brunette, ect.) pushed his back against his boyfriends, holding his larger hands that wrapped around his body. "
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 67 3
Saviour (Legolas x Male!Reader)
(Y do I do this
Y is Orlando so hawt
Y am I wasting meowr time
.... Anyway...)
(Sorry is the bae is OOC, I nevfurr really finished LoTR ;v; )
The knight stomped his metal shoes over the splattered red grass below him, following the thin trail of blood deeper into the woods. The human drew his sword slowly as he listened to the faint sound of light groaning. He looked around cautiously, holding his sword to his side as he came closer to the end of the blood trail, his heart picking up as he reached it's end. The (blonde, brunette, ect.) stepped out from the hill's side, sliding the sword back into it's holder as the human rushed over to the injured male, turning him over onto his back.
The elf struggled to open his eyes, digging his nails into the dirt as he attempted to get up, only to be pushed back down by the solider's hand. "Just rest, I'll treat your wounds." (Y/n) said in a hushed tone as he kneed down at the fallen elf's side, placing his arms under his body and picking him up.
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 90 28
Chocolate (Sanji x Male!Reader)
(What's wrong with me?)
(And purrsition means what mew do on the ship)
"(Y/n), why are you so perfect~" The blonde asked dreamily as he stared at his sweat-dropping childhood friend. "I try." He replied, his eyebrow twitching slightly as he walked into the kitchen, Sanji following close behind. "You don't need to try!" The cook giggled as he shoved his face into the (position)'s back, squeezing his arms around his stomach. "Can you get off me?" (Y/n) growled, struggling to get out of the man's hug. "But (Y/n)-chaaaaan~" He whined, wrapping his legs around his best friend's, knocking them both over in the process.
"The heck, Sanji!" (Y/n) yelled as he shoved the blonde's face, still trying to push him off, getting some blood on his hand in the process. "You're so cute~" He cooed, completely ignoring his friend until a kick was sent into the area between his legs, making him snap out of his dreaming and curl up in a ball on the floor. "Now help me make the dang chocolate..." The (nationa
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 111 15
Lilium (Canada x Male!Reader x England) Songfic
(what have I done...)
Listen to this please:
The mouth of the just shall meditate wisdom
Muffled screaming resonated through the fallen country's ears as his blood ran down his forehead. He would have looked around for the source of the yelling, but failed due to his blurred vision, trying to make out the two blonde male's faces as they gripped on tightly to his hands. (Country) gargled up some blood as he tried to form words, practically choking on his liquid life. He blinked away the tears from his (e/c) orbs, finally being able to see who cried over him. Canada and England cried as they peered above him, their faces wet with tears. Blood splattered all over their uniforms and skin, probably caused from the Axis' soldiers.
And his language shall be spoken in judgment
(Y/n) refused to make eye-contact with his lovers and allies, knowing he will burst into tea
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 43 32
TiRL (Male Reader x Touhou) Elis
He was met with a bat. (Y/n) sighed as he placed his hands on his hip, shaking his head. "So you're the reason I got so worked up, huh?" The (h/c)-haired male chuckled to himself, watching the bat as it descended onto his shoulder. "How should I know?" The mammal replied unexpectedly, making the home owner jump slightly in surprise and flick the flying animal off his shoulder. "Watch it!" It whined, flapping her wings in his face. The female bat fluttered on his shoulder again, nuzzling into his hair. "Geez, I was just trying to start a conversation." She muttered as she wrapped her little bat hands around (Y/n)'s finger, sitting down on it as he brought it in front of him.
"Uh... So..." (Y/n) said awkwardly, scratching the back of his head with his free hand. "Do I need to say everything first?" Elis groaned as she dived off his finger like a diving board and landed on the ground in front of him, stretching out her body as she turned into a winged woman. "The name's Elis, the best vam
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 47 5
Understanding (Erza x Male!Reader)
(Sorri if Erza is a bit OOC)
The red-head lifted her sword to the shaking sound wizard's neck, making him shake even more violently. "Please don't kill me! I was just looking for a guild called Fairytail 'cause I was looking to join it, 'cause I wanna lear-" The woman smacked her gauntlet on his mouth, dead-panning at his pleaded. "You're one to talk easily arn't you?" Erza asked rhetorically, pulling her blade from his neck and making it vanish. "Hm, well lucky for you, I am a guild member of Fairytail, and I'm sure Master would like to meet someone who is willing to join us." She answered as she held her hand out to him, picking him off the ground with ease.
"R-Really? Thank you so much!" (Y/n) squealed with a childish smile as he balled his hands over his chest. "Just- try not to be such a coward..." She muttered as she reached over and grabbed his arm, pulling him along with her. "Erza Scarlet." The red-head said out of nowhere without looking back, making the sound wizard raise hi
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 112 29
Accidentally (Suga x Male!Reader)
(Y did I feel so awkward writing this...
i think im dying... cALL 999)
"U-U-Um..." (Y/n) managed to get out as he cowered under the tall man in fear. The said man presented a memo out in front of the the cowering teen. "Uh...?" He raised an eyebrow as the black-haired male shook the paper closer to him, signaling him to take it. He took the note cautiously, eyeing the man as he slowly took it from his pale hand. 'It is past closing time.' The young adult shook his head as he pushed the 'fake' sword away from his next. "I can't do that. I'm looking for my sister: Sakuma, I heard she comes here a lot." The dressed-in-black male raised his eyebrow and held his open hand out to the boy.
(Y/n) grinned childishly and grasped his hand in the museum owner's larger one, lifting himself up off the ground. "So, do you know where she is?" The raven shook his head, offering another memo to the teen. 'I'll help you find her though. Then you have to leave.' It read, the (h/c)-haired man nodding his h
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 28 48
*:・゚✧ 100 Watchers Special *:・゚✧
I just wanna say thank mew furr 100 watchers! iM SO UNDERSERVING OF MEOWR LOVE ;u; I also wanna say thank mew furr giving me requests. With cat being said- I'm letting mew decide on what I should write about! //purrs (=^・ω・^=)
What I can write:
One Piece
Ice Scream
Mogeko Castle
Touhou (can also be furrom my TiRL series)
Skullgirls (can also be furrom my ItSW series)
Five Nights at Freddy's
The Forest of Drizzling Rain
Lord of the Rings (Mostly Legolas... he's the bae)
Feel furree to ask in the comments
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 5 104
TiRL (Male Reader x Touhou) Eirin Yagokoro
He was met with a... arrow? Wait... (Y/n) very unmanly squeaked and stumbled away from the archer, dropping his gun in the process. "Name and motive?" The woman glared as she pulled on the arrow harder, pointing it directly at the center of his forehead. "H-Huh?" The young adult stuttered nervously as he shook quite violently. "Must I repeat myself?" She asked rhetorically as she flicked her nail on the hardened line. "U-Uh, I-I-I'm (Y-Y/n), and-um- t-trying to n-n-not d-die?" The (nationality) boy answered shakily, not really understanding the second part of her demand. The woman's eyebrow twitched slightly before she lowered her bow, easing up on the string. "Eirin Yagokoro." The white-haired woman replied, holding her open hand out to the man, pulling him up with little effort.
"Where am I?" Eirin asked as she put her arrow into her quiver and tied the bow back onto it's rope. "O-Oh, you're at my house." (Y/n) replied as he calmed down slowly. She mumbled incoherent words under her
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 37 3
A bunch of random crap :3


Untitled by KearraFA Untitled :iconkearrafa:KearraFA 4 0
More Tea? [Mad Hatter x Reader]
You had always know you weren't really like everyone else, as you're imagination reached beyond everyone else's. But that didn't mean you had ever expected yourself to fall down a rabbit hole and end up in a whole new world. A world, where madness was considered normal.
But in all honestly, you felt at home there. Even more than at your house where you lived with your father. The madness in this “Wonderland” was so welcoming, it's atmosphere just right for your wild imagination. It was like ending up in the story of a fantasy book.
But you weren't the only one there. Everything from a wise caterpillar to an evil red queen lived within the walls of the rabbit hole. But the most interesting of them all, was one man. This man was famous for his madness, a madness that was even extreme in this world.
And he was called, The Mad Hatter.
Yes, Hatter. He was a very skilled hat maker, since making those special head wear was his passion. From the first moment you had seen him, he ha
:iconnixdex:nixdex 163 22
Ichimatsu X Male! Reader: Courting
This reader is shorter than Ichi.
(h/t) - hair type: blonde, brunette, raven, etc
(h/c) - hair colour
(Name) growled and clutched at Ichimatsu's collar, "I oughta pop you a new one!!" He snarled.
"Why don't you do it then?" He hissed between his teeth.
"Y'know what? I will." He pulled back his other arm, making a fist.
"Hey, there's no need for you both to fi -" A rock flew and struck Kasamatsu between the eyes.
"STAY OUT OF IT KUSOMATSU!!" The two snapped before turning back to one another.
"Ugh!! I can't stand you!!" (Name) barked, pulling back from him.
"The feeling is mutual." He glared, slapping his hand away.
"It's a lie." Said another voice, "I want to be as close to you as possible."
Ichimatsu flew back as they looked both to the source of the voice.
"ESP Kitty!" He hissed through his teeth.
"ESP - What?" (Name) exclaimed.
"He says the true thoughts of people who speak!" Jyushimatsu explained.
"Oh, sounds cool!" (Name)'s expression changed as he
:icondarienoppal:DarienOppal 184 56
Sanji x Kitten!reader: Little Kitchen Helper
    Sanji glowered in the kitchen. All over his counters and cupboards were little signs everywhere that certain invaders has disgraced his kitchen. He stormed over to Usopp’s workshop, where he was busy tinkering with a new contraption. “Usopp.”
    Said man jumped, turned around, and began stuttering, “Y-y-y-y-y-yes, S-S-S-S-Sanji?” Usopp was cowed by Sanji’s stormy mood.
    “Make mouse traps for me.”
    “Those little miscreants violated my kitchen. They need to go. Now.”
    Usopp paled even more, thinking, Has Sanji figured out how I’ve been getting Luffy and myself into the fridge? “W-wouldn’t th-that hurt th-them?”
    “The whole point is to catch them in the act. Of course it’s going to hurt!” Sanji’s m
:iconmunran:MunRan 260 9
Songbird [Don't Starve] by ZombiDJ Songbird [Don't Starve] :iconzombidj:ZombiDJ 2,385 302
Garry x Male Reader - Chapter 10
The next door the trio walked into was a long hallway leading towards the right. It sent a chill down each person’s spine as they stared at the row of heads on either side of the hallway staring at them.
Garry gulped and looked at the two behind him before taking a step forward hesitantly. As they walked down the narrow hallway it seemed as though the heads were watching their every step. Finally the three made it out of the hallway and entered into another room. This one seemed quite large and there were various walls that blocked some of their view.
Garry once again led the way and decided to talk the right. (M/N) jumped in slight shock as there were four headless statues which were standing still at the end of four walls.
The trio continued to cautiously walk around the large room and soon came across a painting labelled, The Hanged Man.
“Ah. This was one of the paintings in the gallery.” Garry stated, staring closely at the painting. A number sequence was printed
:iconjellyfishwriter:JellyfishWriter 46 9
Mature content
dripping affections. midousuji akira :iconcosmicaquarium:cosmicaquarium 62 21
Morning Cartoons (Akira Midousuji x Reader)
It was a peaceful morning that day, the sun still not yet fully up and small cartoons and animes playing for children who were up early on that Saturday. And Akira had been sitting silently in his lonely and empty apartment, silently watching the TV with the morning sun rising. Rays of light filled the room with the twinkling ocean blue sky turning to a soft blanket of cloudy blue hues.
He had been alone for the past while. He hadn't heard from his father since, his mother was dead, his relatives wouldn't come see him and he hadn't heard from his friends in days. But he still had anime that made him feel like his friends were always there. Who couldn't love Mecha animes? Especially when it Dynasty Warriors: Gundam!
But just as the final episode ended and went to commercial break, he heard a gentle knock at the front door. He sighed, slightly annoyed that he had to get up. It was probably the elderly couple from next door. They loved to come over and talk to him for hours on end.
But he
:iconokami-wolfgod:Okami-WolfGod 32 2
Ileum and Leduc etc by mask-seaslug Ileum and Leduc etc :iconmask-seaslug:mask-seaslug 106 18
Mature content
50/50 [Yandere!Hikaru and Kaoru X Male!reader] :iconastiin:Astiin 45 22
Gijinka!Reshiram x Male!Seme!Reader
“Reshiram, come out” (y/n) called out as he threw the pokeball in the air. Reshiram howled and flapped its wings as flames flared from its tail.
“Come here” (y/n) held out his arms as Reshiram nuzzled (y/n)’s hands as (y/n) hugged his muzzle.
Reshiram transformed as (y/n) sat on the grass as Reshiram looked down at him.
“Was there something you needed, master?” Reshiram asked as (y/n) shook his head
“No, I just wanted your company” (y/n) answered as Reshiram nodded and sat beside him. Reshiram was the pure and more elegant one of the duo. (y/n) was domineering and loved being in charge.
Reshiram laid its head on (y/n)’s lap as he stroked his hair. (y/n) was looked down as Reshiram looked up with his blue eyes, wondering what (y/n) was thinking.
(y/n) leaned down and kissed Reshiram as he stayed still. (y/n) stood as Reshiram followed behind him. Battle after battle, (y/n) defeated various trainers while commanding Reshiram. He
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 135 20
Request: Sanji x Male! Reader
    He pulled the cigarette from his lips as he stared out over the endless sea. It was a strangely melancholy moment for him. He wasn't quite sure why, but it was there.
    "Hey," someone from behind him barked. Sanji turned around, glaring at Zoro. "Why aren't you cooking dinner? Luffy's gonna have a fit."
    "Well he can wait an extra fifteen minutes," Sanji grumbled. He flicked the butt of his cigarette out towards the water. He watched it fall down the side of the ship and onto someone's head.
    It took him a few seconds to realize what that meant. But Sanji was soon diving into the water. Someone was drowning! Sanji grabbed the person around their waist and swam to a safe distance away from the ship. He looked up at Zoro, waiting for him to send down a rope or something so that he could do something about the unconscious lump of meat he was holding above the surface.
    When Sanji finally got back onto the deck, he laid the k
:iconthanatos-mors:Thanatos-Mors 160 11
His Little Thief: Germany x Male!Thief!Reader
His Little Thief
(Germany X Male!Thief!Reader)
    His voice has never sounded so cold and stern that (Y/N) actually felt ashamed about himself. Sitting on the wooden table, Germany standing on the other side, he bowed down his head in shame, shaking a little. “Why would you do such a thing like this?” Germany shouted, his face a bit pink in anger. Of course he loved (Y/N), but the habit of his would get him in more trouble than this.
    “Why did you steal this?” Germany growled, placing the golden necklace full of dog tags on the table, his eyes never leaving the smaller male’s head. “I-I don’t know. I just saw it….and it just remind me so much of you that I wanted it. I wanted something of yours,” (Y/N) hesitantly admitted causing an irritated sigh from the blonde. “Verdammt (Y/N),” He muttered and sighed sitting do
:iconlaughtercreatesfairy:LaughterCreatesFairy 268 36
Baby Mine - Child!Russia x Male!Father!Reader

“Папа, папа, Помогите!!!” (m/n) heard crying coming from outside, while he was making pirozhki. He stopped and walked outside, wiping his hand to his apron. “Ivan, is everything alright?!” he called out. When he stepped outside he knew why his son had called out for him. A purple aura formed around him. He walked towards the playground across their house. “папа!” his son said happily when he saw his father approaching. Little Ivan quickly took cover behind (m/n)’s legs. Another child ran after him, but stopped when he saw (m/n), glaring at him. “Gilbert” (m/n) growled. The aura around him send Gilbert running away, screaming. After that (m/n) took Ivan in his arms and walked back to their home.
Baby mine, don't you cry
Baby mine, dry your eyes<
:iconmikorin-kun:Mikorin-kun 197 27
Mature content
Punishment: France x Uke!Male!Young!Reader :iconlaughtercreatesfairy:LaughterCreatesFairy 188 35


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